About “The Guest House”

Traveling around the Catskill Mountains during the summer of 2020, I passed a large farmhouse with a beautiful silo. On the road leading up to the house was a sign “Guests Invited”. This reminded me of the early days in the Catskills when small farms opened their doors for guests that were being treated for various lung diseases. These small farms gradually grew  into the large hotels like the Concord. I just couldn’t resist a photo and a sketch with a small painting following.

About “Seascape” - My First Painting Ever

When this was painted in 1960, I just graduated medical school and returned from my service in the army. There was a small painting studio near my dad’s dry cleaning store where art lessons were being given, so I signed up for lessons and my first seascape was painted. This was the start of 60 + years of painting. 

About “Kalanchoe”

In Publix, by the exit door, was a bunch of flowers in a green pot that I really liked. I bought it, brought it home and put it with red cup on the windowsill and then waited until the light was just right. 

About “Patriotism”

I was coming home from playing golf upstate at Lochmore and drove by a house with a car in the yard with red, white, & blue flowers in it. I loved it but couldn’t stop right then so made a special trip back just to take a picture. I frequently drove by the house after that hoping that there would be something else interesting in the yard. 

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